Practical Courses & Fees

  • Web Programing
    Full-Stack Web Development

    1. HTML/CSS
    2. JavaScript
    3. Back-End Language
    4. Databases & Web Storage
    5. HTTP & REST
    6. Web Application Architecture
    7. Git
    8. Basic Algorithms & Data Structures

  • Graphics/Animation

    What Will I Learn?
    What is design?
    What isn't design?
    What does a designer do?
    What is the difference between design and art?
    Must a designer know how to draw?
    Design process
    The basic elements
    The five main principles of design
    How to identify design elements in the wild

  • Social Integration
    Social Integration

    REST Constraints
    REST Architectural Elements
    Features of good API
    REST Web Service on HTTP
    Maintaining Application State
    Designing a Resource
    Designing Representation
    Designing URI
    Web Catching

  • Photography/Film Photography/Film

    Creative Presentation
    Psychology of Play
    Visual Arts in the Entertainment and Media Industries English Composition I
    History of Motion Picture Arts
    Visual Storytelling I
    Art History Scriptwriting Techniques
    Composition and Visual Design

  • Critical Thinking

    Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Critical Thinking

  • Maths 4 Coding

    Maths 4 Coding Maths 4 Coding Maths 4 Coding Maths 4 Coding Maths 4 Coding Maths 4 Coding