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What We Do
  • What We Do

    We are an internet driven talent Development Organization, whose core business is production of world class web development professionals for the African and Global web and internet market We weave together strategic practical training, funding sources and Job placement in a creative way to supply web developer of various kinds to the rapidly growing African internet content market and global online market starting with Ghana and South Africa.

    2014 represents a huge year in HTML 5 and CSS 3 growth and maturity of web services and linked data applications around the world in our estimation, Africa will need at least 1,000, 000 developers of all kinds from form advanced systems developers to junior/mid-level developers also social integration and general content developers for websites, apps and linked data systems the will power the internet boom simmering through Africa.

    Real progress foundation's project code name WEBKINGS will seek turn a tech loving youngster between the ages of 15 to 26 into a well-oiled effective web developer in a year and offer further courses online to them after helping them get a job, start a business or work online, a phenomenon which can only grow with increasing accessibility to the internet across Africa. Our Training strategy is simple, practical, real world scenario projects with instructors and volunteers who are all industry professionals.

    We will tap into government funding sources, corporate funding sources and other creative ways to help students raise up of 60 percent of course fees for the training courses. Starting with the townships of Gauteng and Greater Accra we will set up and computer Lab/Lecture Hall in a rented space where instruction and practical training will take place, carefully selected students will be require to attend 12 hours of lectures per week , that is, 4 days in a week.

    For year one, intake will be 100 students, we will have four two hour practical instruction sessions in a day, where young minds will be carefully instructed in the art and science of create world class web applications and solutions for booming Ghana, south African, and African internet workers and app developers market with technologies like PHP, CSharp, HTML5, CSS3, XML, JSON and open source RAD frameworks.

    We believe a young African empowered with a laptop and a smart phone with internet, given the required training could create value and opportunities for his or her life.

    We will fight crime, poverty, disease and hopelessness with computer CODE.