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    IBM Watson API
    Machine learning, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence all look set to play a huge role in building applications over the coming years. The IBM Watson API is definitely worth learning because it offers developers the opportunity to build smarter applications, such as intelligent chatbots, and smart health apps that use past data to make predictions about various user health metrics.

    Furthermore, integration with IBM Watson can unlock hidden value in user data, including user modelling that makes predictions about the social characteristics of people based on how they use an application. This allows for a more customized application experience for the end user and increased engagement. IBM Watson’s API is a RESTful interface.

    Blockstrap API
    With an increasing number of companies looking to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, it’s imperative for developers to learn a dedicated blockchain API. Such APIs are particularly pertinent for developers in the e-commerce space.

    Blockstrap API is a complete Bitcoin development stack provided by Malaysian company Neurowave for connecting an app to the blockchain, allowing developers to build Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrency-enabled applications. Expedia, Microsoft, and Subway are just some of the large companies from a diverse range of industries looking to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for their products or services.

    Slack API
    Slack, the popular team communication service, has its own RESTful API available for developers to learn and use. Slack has powerful natural language processing functionality, meaning developers can build applications that integrate with Slack, such as intelligent chatbots or other bots that can schedule meetings.

    Other useful applications can enhance Slack’s underlying functionality, for example, an application that summarizes all the links shared within a large project team and sends those links as an email, so that individual team members don’t need to trawl through lengthy conversations to find links.

    Amazon’s Product Advertising API
    Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, and the company’s Product advertising API allows developers to leverage its data and technology to develop custom applications for selling items. There’s a useful scratchpad for beginners that teaches the basics and allows developers to experiment with this API and test its operations without having to write any code. Another use of the API could be to get the average rating for individual products and display those ratings on your app.

    Twitter Stream API
    Twitter, one of the web’s largest social media services, has a streaming API available that gives developers low latency access to Twitter’s global stream of Tweet data. Developers can create custom bots that automatically post tweets to their websites or to other websites.

    This API is particularly useful for websites and applications that want to inform their users of news and updates as they happen. For example, the Reddit forum for Manchester United football club has its own bot that interacts with Twitter’s streaming API to automatically post team lineups exactly when they are released on Twitter.

    Google Contacts API
    The Google Contacts API lets developers build applications which can import a user’s Google contacts. The requests to import contacts are handled by OAuth 2.0, which displays a pop-up message informing users that your application wants to access their Google contacts list. A contacts API like the Google one is useful for inviting other people to your application. The API can even be called to import contact photos.