• Practical Training


    Over a 1 year period, our practical training pipe line, will leave no stone unturned in Professionally & Practically Training 100 selected students from all over Ghana and West Africa into international level web and content developers.

    From coding through project management to maintenance of web and mobile apps our student will be thought the secrets of the web game with heavy focus on HTML5 CSS3, also languages like PHP, Java for Android Development, Objective C for IOs App Development, python and CSharp.

    By the first 6 months of the Training student would have build over15 fully fledged web 2.0 sites and Mobile Apps, Also you would have started you first internet company, and made some income from selling a web 2.0 service.

    If you are between the ages of 16 - 27 , love digital technology in general ie, smart phones, websites, apps and would love to be part of the internet work force, then this is for you.

    Register For 1 Year HTML5 CSS3 Web/ Content Development Training and Placement