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    The biggest challenge of Nigerian Youths

    Voke, 23, was born in a sub-standard health facility, almost lost his Mum at birth, attended fairly good basic education schools and struggled to gain an admission into the University to study Biochemistry, though He'd put in for Medicine. He went on, struggled through the University, got sexually abused but fought to stay alive and see his dreams come true. He is now a graduate, with no job but exploring his digital media skills, aiming to employ others and hoping to inspire the world with his African story.

    This is the story of many Nigerian youths who are faced with numerous problems from their first till last breath. I cry when I think about the seemingly insurmountable challenges the Nigerian youth faces daily and the biggest challenge we face, in my opinion is INSECURITY.

    The Nigerian youth battles "Emotional Insecurities", leading some into abusive relationships, pre-marital sex, abortions and out of wedlock childbirth vividly exemplified by the young celebrities. We are also faced with "Academic and Career Insecurities", a situation where the Academic system is grossly sub-standard and teeming youths remain unemployed years after graduating with good grades. Nigerian youths are constantly faced with "Physical Insecurities" as well. Everyone is vulnerable to a form of attack on a daily basis, sadly from even the law enforcement agents. "Health Insecurities" also abound, affecting youths negatively and causing death of many who would have otherwise contributed immensely to national growth and development.

    I am sure you wouldn't be surprised if I add that the Government has been ineffective at tackling youth problems, however, I am particularly proud of Nigerian youths who fight to surmount these challenges daily. I am inspired by those who go the extra mile by advocating for youths in their communities and I am hopeful that despite the prevailing insecurities, I and others can survive and tell the world our inspiring African stories.

    Proudly African,

    Oghenerukevwe Toka