• Rwanda


    The overall objective of the national youth policy (2005) is to promote the "economic, social, cultural, intellectual and moral welfare" of youth.

    It focuses on: Education; Unity, reconciliation & social transformation; Poverty & unemployment; Environment; Health & Youth Protection; Culture, Sports & Leisure; Gender; Cooperation; Youth mobilisation & training.

    The national youth policy (2005) is part of the Vision 2020 strategy, which incorporated the Millennium Development Goals.

    According to a press release on 4 October 2012, the youth policy is currently under review. No further information could be found online.

    As a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, Rwanda is a signatory of The Commonwealth Plan of Action for Youth Empowerment (PAYE) 2006-2015.

    The Ministry of Youth & ICT is responsible for youth affairs and “develops, coordinates, monitors, evaluates and supports implementation of policies and strategies that promote youth development aimed at economic and social transformation and a productive and patriotic generation.” The national youth policy (2005) describes the ministry as the “trustee for the implementation of the national youth policy.” The official Facebook page of the ministry features some of its programmes, such as an ICT literacy & awareness campaign.
    The National Youth Council of Rwanda (RNYC) is linked to the Ministry of Youth & ICT with the head of the Executive Secretariat appointed by the Prime Minister. An annual General Assembly is comprised of national and district representatives, as well as representatives of the two National Youth Forums for secondary schools and higher education. The RNYC focuses on youth empowerment projects, youth services, patriotism, youth advocacy and international representation. The RNYC is a member of the Commonwealth Youth Council.