• About Us

    We believe a young African equipped with the requisite skills, a laptop and an internet connection can make a very decent living from becoming part of the internet work force, i.e. building apps with HTML5 and CSS3, native apps for android and IOS, learning and mastering graphic design tools and concepts, Learning practical 3D animation/printing and the secrets of successfully working on earning a living as a web/mobile developer and digital autodidact.

    Grounded in a very strong practical approach to learning technology, we have created a 1 year intensive Training and placement course, to impart knowledge of digital skills needed to build secure web applications from start to Finish.

    The WebKings Dream

    To create an intricate network of specialized low cost but very high quality practically oriented higher education and vocational higher education schools across s Africa, Starting with South Africa and Ghana. For 2014 and 2015 South Africa will serve as the Hub for Southern Africa and Ghana will serve as the hub for West Africa. By the end of 2020 we hope to start 4 branches each in South Africa and Ghana.

    WebKings Technologies will seek to be a full blown distributed/online university college in the next 5 years. With her own dedicated buildings and branch network across the continent of Africa.

    We will engage technology volunteers and resource persons from around the world who are well vest in diverse digital arts come to ours Training Centers to practically teach and mentor young Africans unto digital greatness.

    For our Pilot Projects, as prof of Concept, Every center will run up to five practical/lecture sessions two hours per day shifts from 7am in the morning to about 9pm in the evening. Students from all disciplines and educational backgrounds if selected to be part on the project will then be practically instructed in the art and science web applications development.

    In South Africa alone there are thousands of junior developer position jobs to be filled, we want to equip young folks with the requisite skills needed to take up these jobs. Assuming the average salary after tax for the junior developer is 8000 rand for example after the 10 month diploma courses our first 100 students will create value of at least 800, 000 rand per month into the South African economy not to mention the ripple effects across the socio-economic environment.
    Webkings Start and During Course

    Transformation of some featured students after Webkings Training & Placement

    Music Video Written and Director by Webkings Student, Lolo Vandal


    Video Written and Directored by Webkings Student, Xali Hali

    Current State of Training Center after Pilot Runs While we look for partners and Social Investors

    We Train Practically using some of these priciples and Approaches