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The Future is Here, Practical Skills in Computer Programming and general advanced digital skills are a guaranteed way to function in this new world order. Webkings have fantastic scholarship packages and payment plans to get you started on your journey of mastery

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Featured Top WebKings Students

  • Eklou Kodjo AmemassovorEklou Kodjo Amemassovor
  • Yao Mawunyo AmedekpedziYao Mawunyo Amedekpedzi
  • Dela AkweteyDela Akwetey
  • Mariama Abdul RahmanMariama Abdul Rahman
  • George SorkporGeorge Sorkpor
  • Charity OkineCharity Okine
  • Solomon NarhSolomon Narh
  • Reuben TeitsuReuben Teitsu
  • Daniel NtiriDaniel Ntiri
  • Benedict DansoBenedict Danso
  • Prince AgbataPrince Agbata

Advance Practical Digital Skills with Computer Programming and Web Development in Focus.

Practical Training Bundled with Guaranteed Placement. Employable Web & Mobile Apps Development Skills. Scholarships, Payment Plans & Interest Free Loans for Students who need them.

Local & International Paid Internships and Critical Connects for getting started ahead in Chosen Fields during program or after Graduation.

Basically Everybody participating student earns money during and after course with new skills acquired.

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Featured Practical Course Bundles/Curriculum

  • Full-Stack Web Development

    Full-Stack Web Development

    Web Programing

    1. HTML/CSS
    2. JavaScript
    3. Back-End Language
    4. Databases & Web Storage
    5. HTTP & REST
    6. Web Application Architecture
    7. Git
    8. Basic Algorithms & Data Structures

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  • Graphics/Animation



    What Will I Learn?
    What is design?
    What isn't design?
    What does a designer do?
    What is the difference between design and art?
    Must a designer know how to draw?
    Design process
    The basic elements
    The five main principles of design
    How to identify design elements in the wild

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  • Social Integration

    Social Integration

    Social Integration

    REST Constraints
    REST Architectural Elements
    Features of good API
    REST Web Service on HTTP
    Maintaining Application State
    Designing a Resource
    Designing Representation
    Designing URI
    Web Catching

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  • Photography/Film


    Photography/Film Photography/Film

    Creative Presentation
    Psychology of Play
    Visual Arts in the Entertainment and Media Industries English Composition I
    History of Motion Picture Arts
    Visual Storytelling I
    Art History Scriptwriting Techniques
    Composition and Visual Design

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About Us

We are passionate, pragmatic learning strategists, who know that training young Africans in the Art & Science Web/Mobile/Content Design & Development (Digital Skills) help them create jobs and make them employable causing positive social and economic change across the continent. Grounded in the scientific process and a PRACTICAL CENTERED approach to learning, We forge partnerships with NGOs, the government and corporate sectors for Practical Skills Training and Placement projects on DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES. Simply put this is our answer to the scourge of disease, crime, poverty, unemployment and hopelessness a large section of African youth are faced by. COMPUTER CODE!!! as a way out.